As long as I am keeping a list of online resources for my journey into Astrophotography, I might as well keep it for you, dear reader, too. Below you will find a list of online resources that I use for my work. I’ll try to keep it organized and up to date.

If you want to share your’s, I’ve opened up comments on this page.

Camera & Photography Resources

Resources for finding technical information about your camera or how to shoot a particular subject.

Need tech specs like pixel size (pitch) or sensor size for your DSLR? Imaging Resource has you covered.

Software Resources

Software (that I use) and resources related to that software.

Powerful software for post-processing deep sky images. The documentation sucks though, so be prepared to spend a ton of time in their forums, on YouTube and places like Cloudy Nights trying to learn how to use it.

Light Vortex Astronomy has some good tutorials for understanding most of the basic workflows in PixInsight. While the tutorials are mostly accurate, the site hasn’t been updated since December 2019 (as of Oct 6, 2020) so they are currently on a diminishing returns trajectory as PixInsight evolves.

General Astronomy & Astrophotography Resources

Sites that are generally about Astronomy and/or Astrophotograhy

Forums, classifieds and more all dedicated to Astronomy and Astrophotography.

Similar to Cloudy Nights, but with a slightly more European flavor maybe? Great general resource for Astronomy and Astrophotography regardless

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